The Best Parks and Museums Located In Tinley Park IL

Though once a rapidly progressing commerce district, Tinley Park, IL has settled down somewhat and downtown has become a designated historical district. Now property owners and the community are encouraged to keep the historic charm of the village. Because of this there hasn't been much construction of new buildings and there are plenty of open parks to visit for a fun, relaxing time.

Centennial Park in Tinley Park IL

Since its acquisition in 1979, Centennial Park has been the largest park in the district. 55 acres of lush grass, trees, and bushes frame sleek walking and bike paths. Roofed and open picnic tables dot the area, offering plenty of space to meet and enjoy a meal. There are also several playgrounds, basketball and volleyball courts, and the city’s Extreme Skate Park.
Centennial Park also has a wide, 12 acre lake to enjoy. Fishing is allowed and it is restocked with fish every Spring, with bridges and docks over the water for easier access to the deeper waters. The sandy shore is also available to walk and play on and a beautiful large willow tree sits near the water to provide some shade. Though no dogs are allowed, this park remains a peaceful area to spend quiet, lazy days.

Pottawatomie Park

Before the mostly German settlers took over the area, the original inhabitants were the indigenous Pottawatomie Tribe. This park was built and named to honor them in 1931. Now, with almost 9 acres, this park hosts a number of different sports and recreational activities. In addition to an open field and small baseball diamond, the park and recreation center stationed there offer basketball, bridge, floor hockey, soccer, volleyball, dance, and other sports activities. Children are welcome here for classes, clubs, and just to hang out during the day. A new dog park has also been added recently, making it a great place to bring the whole family.

Community Park

A more recent park in this old school town, Community Park was completed in 2001 to create a large collection of community-based entertainment. Its 53 acres offer a variety of sports areas including volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts, a soccer field, and a baseball diamond. For warm days there are accessible playgrounds and during cold weather an outdoor ice skating rink is available. Scenic pathways wind through everything, making it easy and fun to get around.
Several buildings are also a part of Community Park. Tinley Fitness is an expansive gym with a pool included with recreational swimming and several classes. An expansive recreational center is open for members and friends. Additionally, The White Water Canyon Water Park sits to the south of everything else and provides safe pools, slides, spray grounds, a lazy river, various concession stands, and party areas.

Landmark Church

The Landmark Known by the locals as its nickname, the Landmark Church, Museum and Schoolhouse is the center of history in the Tinley Park IL district. Originally a Lutheran church built in 1884, it was bought in 1974 to serve as a documentation of the history and culture of Tinley Park IL. The district’s historical society opens it to visitors who want to browse old photographs, newspapers, postcards, and other artifacts of the past. While it’s an enriching experience to wander around the prairie Gothic style building by yourself, tours of the facilities are also given regularly.