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Muscle pain in Tinley Park IL or myofascial pain is a common occurrence and is due to a strain of the muscle tissue. There are numerous causes of muscle strain including over-use or repetitive use of the muscle or muscle group, over-extenuating the muscle as in reaching or stretching too far, or placing too much resistance on the muscle. Micro-ruptures of muscle tissue occur regularly just through normal activity and usually go unnoticed.

Pain causes the muscle tissue to spasm. This is a protective mechanism of the muscle tissue. In addition, muscle strains can lead to the development of trigger points. Trigger points are areas where waste from the injury accumulates and form a small yet palpable nodule. Trigger points may go unnoticed for years after the initial injury. Trigger points may eventually cause chronic pain and stiffness. When pressure is applied to the trigger point, pain may be felt elsewhere as referred pain.

How We Can Help In Tinley Park IL

Trigger point therapy uses a touch therapy technique to release the waste from trigger points and restore tissue health. Static pressure is first applied to the trigger point followed by a release and then pressure in a pumping action is applied. The patient breathes deeply during this process. Waste and toxins are flushed and pain is relieved as endorphins (natural pain killers) are released.

Trigger point therapy has been found beneficial in treating muscle pain from acute and chronic injuries as well as muscle pain in chronic health conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. It is non-invasive and offers the patient a treatment that facilitates healing.

Call your local Tinley Park, IL chiropractor today and find out how trigger point therapy can help treat your chronic muscle pain. We also offer full body vibration therapy, massage and health and wellness treatment plans for muscle pain and much more!


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