Chiropractic and Repetitive Strain Injuries in Tinley Park IL

Chiropractic and Repetitive Strain Injuries in Tinley Park IL

Chiropractic and Repetitive Strain Injuries in Tinley Park IL

We use the term repetitive strain injury to describe any condition of the musculoskeletal system that occurred over time due to performing a specific motion such as typing. Some examples include carpal tunnel syndrome, golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, trigger finger and bursitis. Top Tinley Park IL chiropractor Jeff Hoekstra explains more.

The actual injury is irritation and strain of soft tissue such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. The area becomes inflamed, which then perpetuates further injury. Nerves may become entrapped or impinged.

The symptoms of a repetitive strain injury vary. You may feel numbness, weakness, tingling, swelling, throbbing and of course pain. This pain might be “achy” but it may also be sharp and pinpointed. You may have referred pain that extends beyond the actual injured area. The pain may wake you in the night.

Certain risk factors for developing a repetitive strain injury include the task (typing, styling hair, hammering) and excessive time spent performing the task. Other risk factors are poor ergonomics, vibration (jackhammer) or performing the task in cold weather or on poorly designed equipment.

Repetitive strain injuries do not necessarily occur because of the task, but more often, because the task is being performed at an awkward level for your upper extremities.

For instance, when you type, your hands should be “floating” instead of wresting your wrists.

In that light, many repetitive strain injuries can be avoided by using proper ergonomics. For instance, your work station at a computer should allow you to sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor, legs and forearms parallel to the floor as you type. The mouse should be in a comfortable position so you do not have to reach or use it at an awkward angle. Again, your wrists should not be touching the desk. Your hands should float as you type.

Treating a Repetitive Strain Injury in Tinley Park IL

The first step in treating a repetitive strain injury is to stop the motion that is causing it. Since the majority of the time, it is the way you are performing the particular movement, you should be able to return to the task once your injury has time to heal. At this time, you can make adjustments (such as ergonomics or new equipment) to avoid further injury.

Your Tinley Park, IL chiropractor can evaluate your repetitive strain injury and recommend a customized treatment plan to restore musculoskeletal health and prevent further pain and complications. Soft tissue massage can reduce painful inflammation and restore fluid flow to provide a better healing environment.

Your Tinley Park, IL chiropractor can also recommend a continued maintenance plan to avoid future repetitive strain injury. Maintaining musculoskeletal health through regular chiropractic appointments is much like visiting your dentist for regular cleanings to avoid major and expensive problems down the road.

Advice on exercises and nutritional supplements will also be given to help you develop strength and improve overall musculoskeletal health. Chiropractic care considers the patient as a whole and continuously strives to improve overall health.

Please call your Tinley Park, IL chiropractor today to schedule an appointment and start down the pain free path! Find out how Dr. Hoekstra can ease your repetitive strain injury today!


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