Comparing Shockwave Therapy To Other Pain Modalities: Laser, Radial Pressure Wave, And Ultrasound In Tinley Park IL

Comparing Shockwave Therapy to Other Pain Modalities: Laser, Radial Pressure Wave, and Ultrasound in Tinley Park IL

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When it comes to pain therapies, practitioners need a solid grasp of the options available to provide optimal care in Tinley Park IL. “As a medical professional, it might be easier to understand what shockwave therapy is by first understanding what shockwave is not; because there are so many misconceptions, and it’s probably not what you think it is.” explains Tom Kostopoulos, CEO/Founder of StemWave.

Let’s explore how shockwave therapy compares to other common treatments (without getting too technical).

Shockwave Therapy vs. Laser Therapy in Tinley Park IL

Laser therapy is a familiar tool in the arsenal of pain management. It operates on the principle of photonic energy, utilizing light to target affected areas. However, shockwave therapy takes a different approach, relying on mechanical energy to induce healing responses.

Kostopoulos explains: “The body’s approximately 60% water, depending on age and other biological factors. Light energy doesn’t travel nearly as easily through water as mechanical energy. Shockwaves travel 4.3x faster through water than through air!”

Shockwaves travel 4.3x faster through water than through air!

In simple terms, shockwaves travel through tissues at high speeds, penetrating fast and deeply to stimulate cellular repair. This mechanical force offers advantages over the limited penetration depth of laser therapy, making shockwave therapy a compelling option for addressing musculoskeletal issues.

Shockwave Therapy vs. Radial Pressure Wave

Radial pressure wave (RPW) therapy is probably the most commonly mistaken modality for Shockwave, but they are not the same. RPW shares similarities with shockwave, but lacks its intensity and depth. While both utilize waves for treatment, radial pressure wave falls short in reaching deep tissues effectively.

“Radial Pressure Wave was declassified as a shockwave technology because it doesn’t actually create a shockwave,” explains Kostopoulos.

Radial pressure waves are generated by devices resembling powerful massage tools. They offer surface-level relief, particularly for conditions like plantar fasciitis. However, their limited penetrative power makes them less effective for addressing deeper musculoskeletal issues compared to shockwave therapy.

Shockwave Therapy vs. Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is another common modality used in pain management. It operates on the principle of high-frequency energy, generating heat to promote blood flow and tissue repair. In contrast, shockwave therapy delivers mechanical energy with rapid rise times, triggering robust cellular responses.

While Ultrasound has been a popular tool amongst chiropractors and medical professionals treating pain symptoms, Kostopoulos emphasizes that, “Ultrasound has consistently shown to have a lesser therapeutic effectiveness for chronic and acute musculoskeletal disorders than Shockwave.”

Ultrasound has consistently shown to have a lesser therapeutic effectiveness for chronic and acute musculoskeletal disorders than Shockwave.

While ultrasound therapy is very effective for superficial tissue treatment, shockwave therapy distinguishes itself by reaching deeper tissues and eliciting profound healing responses.

How does Shockwave Therapy work?

At its core, shockwave therapy harnesses the power of sound waves to initiate healing within tissues. By generating shockwaves that mimic natural pressure changes, shockwave therapy stimulates a cascade of biological responses at the cellular level.

From a cellular perspective, shockwaves induce microtrauma to tissues, prompting the release of biochemical signals that kickstart the healing process. This response culminates in enhanced tissue regeneration and pain relief, making shockwave therapy an extremely valuable tool in the practitioner’s toolkit.

“This is the most profound healing tool I’ve seen in 34 years of practice. It has been a total game changer for my clinic,” says Dr. Hari Khalsa of Transformation Healing, and avid supporter of StemWave.


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