Worst Exercises for Low Back Pain in Tinley Park IL

Do You Know the Worst Exercises for Low Back Pain in Tinley Park IL?

Chiropractic Tinley Park IL Low Back Pain

Although exercise in general is part of any healthy treatment plan for chronic low back pain, there are certain dos and don’ts. Let’s look at the worst exercises for low back pain in Tinley Park ILand I’ll offer you some solutions.

Traditional Sit-Ups in Tinley Park IL

Traditional, full sit-ups where you lie on your back and come all the way up to your knees are absolutely wretched exercise for the lower back region. This area of the back is prone to injury and to place such pressure and strain on it can easily cause pain and injury.

Instead, try stability ball crunches. The ball acts as a cushion and helps you avoid strain on the lower back; however, make sure you are ready to perform these types of crunches because if your core is fairly weak, you may inadvertently strain your lower back. You might want to begin with some more passive core strengthening such as pelvic tilts.

Toe Touches

Another traditional exercise or stretch, the toe touch can strain the lower back, particularly if the legs are too rigid or if you bounce as you try to reach your toes.

A great way to stretch the lower back region is to use yoga (make sure the instructor understands your back issues) or try these very simple exercises. Lie on your back on a mat and bend your knee. Bring your knee towards your chest and give it a hug as you pull it gently into your chest. Release and repeat on the opposite side.

Jogging and Running

Although cardio is important for overall health and especially weight loss (which of course benefits low back pain), it’s important that your form of cardio does not jar your lower back. Jogging or running on pavement can do just that!

Swimming and walking are excellent forms of cardio, but if you absolutely must run or jog, try to do so on a cushioned surface. Try running on a treadmill or possibly finding a dirt track or path (hopefully, even-ground) for jogging or running. Above all, make sure you have decent running shoes to help absorb the shock.

Exercise is great for preventing injuries and strengthening your musculoskeletal system, but especially if you suffer from low back pain or other spinal problems, make sure you call your local Tinley Park, IL chiropractor for advice on proper exercise for low back pain.


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